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7 June 2013

Words cannot express how much we've enjoyed our stay here at Admiralty Quays. A beautiful spot with great views, welcoming residents and staff made especially enjoyable.

Mr & Mrs Tevis (Apartment 150)

17 July 2013

Thank you so much. We are going to miss living here, it has been an amazing place to live and we have truly enjoyed having such professional management support.

Mr & Mrs Mulligan (Apartment 40)

17 July 2013

I am thoroughly enjoying my stay at Admiralty Quays. It is indeed a comfortable and quiet sanctuary from the bustle of daily life, and I am most impressed by the high standard of care shown by the management and staff.

Judith (Apartment 14)

28 July 2013

I would like to thank the management for your professionalism, leadership, and outstanding management of Admiralty Quays. I have enjoyed my "home away from home" for the past 18 months and would highly recommend Admiralty Quays to anyone consider leasing or buying here.

I have been impressed with the condition of the facility and how clean you and your staff keep the common areas. Perhaps the greatest asset of the facility, is the professional and considerate demeanour of the residents. I have never had a disturbance the entire time I have lived here and I owe that to the atmosphere and tone you the managers have created.

Thank you being great managers, but more importantly, thank you for being my friends.

Brad (Apartment 94)

16 October 2013

I've really enjoyed Admiralty Quays - great location, close to everything and the linen service made it easy. Also a really good internet service - very good download speeds and very reliable. It's been great.

Adam (Apartment 72)

20 October 2013

The management are obviously the 'glue' behind what makes this complex such an enjoyable place to live. This is a wonderful building and the whole complex is beautifully managed.

Paul (Apartment 94)

30 June 2014

I have previously lived in other Admiralty buildings and Admiralty Quays is the best. It is very quiet, very clean and well managed. Anything I need is done quickly, nothing is any trouble. Their accounting and invoicing is so easy.

Ray (Apartment 73)

20 June 2014

We love the security of the building, obviously the views and proximity to the city too. We will grieve for the Story Bridge. There’s nothing not to like! We would say don’t hesitate to live here. We’ve loved the fact that we only have to report anything to management and they are fixed.

We have taken advantage of services like maintenance assistance and roadside collection and light bulbs are changed for you. We appreciate those things being done for us that are not easy. So sad to have to leave, we will miss Admiralty Quays.

Maureen & Helen (Apartment 155)

30 September 2014

We’ve absolutely loved living here. We wish we were here for all 3 years. We were previously at Admiralty Towers II and the Meriton and the personalised service at Admiralty Quays is ten times better. The management respond in a timely way to everything including repairs. They helped us more.The service was exceptional from the time we moved in.

Steve & Stephanie (Apartment 104)

30 November 2014

The onsite managers and team provide a fabulous high quality service to Admiralty Quays and its residents. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the building.

Morris (Apartment 58)

19 December 2014

Staying here was awesome, it's a great location. Fantastic to come home to. The staff are always friendly. Highly recommend as it's close to everything yet you can sit on your balcony enjoying the river without feeling like you're in the rat race. We will be back again.

Julie & Brett (Apartment 99)

27 February 2015

It was so easy living here, the service and staff were great. We were always proud to have guests over - the lobby never failed to impress. We will miss the view on the river.

Frank (Apartment 65)

14 April 2015

Very sad to be leaving AQ, it really has felt like paradise in the city, and the apartment is the envy of all my friends and family.

John (Apartment 87)

1 April 2015

Living here for 12 months was perfect. I would recommend Admiralty Quays to anyone. I loved the gym and the pool and used them all the time. The views are gorgeous and the location is amazing. I looked at other apartments before this and this was more spacious and nicer.

Christine (Apartment 70)

31 March 2015

Sorry to be leaving after 3 years. We have enjoyed the beautiful views, the pool and the gym. And the hospitality of the staff was great. We would recommend Admiralty Quays.

Yoshiomi & Akahe (Apartment 107)

30 April 2015

Loved living here. The staff are efficient and professional, and quick to respond to whatever I asked. I am going to miss the river views and the books in the reading room. The reading room was special, beautiful views of course, and the decor is welcoming. I loved the spa, it was the warmest spa I have ever been to.

Hadeel (Apartment 90)