If you are interested in buying an apartment in Admiralty Quays or if you are interested in selling your apartment, please contact us on 07 3059 9788 .

We will give you the advice you need about buying or selling at Admiralty Quays. We can provide you with no-obligation advice and up to date information on recent sales.

Why does selling through the Onsite Manager make such a big difference?

Your Onsite Manager offers exactly the same marketing campaign that other Real Estate Agents offer.

However, your Onsite Manager offers a range of additional advantages which other Real Estate Agents simply can’t offer. These advantages make a big difference in the selling success of your apartment and the price achieved.

Consider this:

A tenanted property can put many buyers off since they are not prepared to wait for the lease to end. Your Onsite Manager is in the unique position where the situation can be managed by voluntarily relocating tenants to another apartment in the building. No one but your Onsite Manager can do this.

The Onsite Manager also owns property in the building and therefore has a vested interest in increasing the sale prices and valuations. A quick sale at a low price is not appealing to the Onsite Manager as it degrades all the property prices for the building.

Owners don’t just buy an apartment, they buy a lifestyle. Onsite management is seen as a part of that lifestyle. When people look at an apartment and there is a competent and skilled Manager, it can influence their buying decision. In fact, we have sold many apartments where the buyer told us their decision was influenced because they liked the onsite management and thought they would be well looked after.

The Onsite Manager is already here on the property to show people around the minute they walk in the door. Most genuine enquiries come from people who know the area because they have visited it. The Onsite Manager has an intimate knowledge of this building and its surrounds. No one can present the building better or have that level of detailed knowledge about the services offered.

If you are still unsure, just have a talk with us and you will see the difference first hand.